Japanese-style inn / Cafe / Hot springs


Enjoy the changing seasons in a space surrounded by art

UTSUROI means transition or change. The change of seasons in Kinosaki Onsen, the change in times during history, the transition of Kinosaki Onsen itself by those who created it.
In the midst of transition and change, the Old Fire Station marched through time, along with the town and when Tsuchiya carefully took over the building, adding art that depicts the landscape of Tajima and creating "a space for visitors to take part in this ongoing tradition and change (utsuroi)".

People always live in the "present." Of course, the "present" is like a "snapshot" of ever changing time and memory. Each of these snapshots accumulates and becomes part of us.
We want everyone to experience UTSUROI as a "snapshot" full of memories and we are committed to welcoming you with the utmost hospitality.



The Second Floor has a total of five guest rooms and each room accommodates either 2 or 3 people. Each room is accented in white for a feeling of cleanliness with an entire wall decorated with the Landscape of Tajima, by the artist Tsuyoshi Yamada. In addition to a basic stay, you may choose a room package including breakfast in our First Floor Café. (Reservations Required)


A café is located on the 1st floor featuring hand-dripped coffee and delicious bread made with the finest, carefully selected ingredients. We also have terrace seats where you can enjoy a meal while viewing the Kinosaki townscape. You can enjoy relaxing moments in the gallery featuring vibrant, colorful art in contrast to the monochrome artwork in our guest rooms.


The hot springs in Kinosaki have a 1,300 year old history and are the leading hot springs in Hyogo Prefecture that have been well known since the Heian-Era (8th Century). The town is said to be the birthplace of Onsen Meguri (Hot Spring Tours) and it is tradtionally best to visit the 7 public hot springs wearing colorful Yukata and Geta (wooden clogs). This vibrant onsen town that stretches about 1 km from the station is the largest in the Kansai Area. The main streets, Eki-Dori, Yanagi-Dori, Kiyamachi-Dori all feature different tastes and each is picturesque in their own way and full of character.