Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tsuchiya?

What is the difference between the main building, the annex and UTSUROI?

The main building is built in the pure Japanese style and room plans can include 2 meals per nightly stay. The annex can be booked in its entirety by groups.

The new building UTSUROI had its grand opening in October 2018. The building is exclusively for stays without meals and children 12 years old and under are not permitted to stay.
UTSUROI also includes a café and a Japanese painting Gallery. Breakfast is available in the 1st floor café.

Regarding Times

When is check in and check out?

You may check in from 15:00 to 18:00.
Check out Time is 10:00

What are the times for the shared bath?

The interior bath may be used from 15:00 to 23:00 and 7:00 to 10:00 the next morning.

What are the operating hours for the 1st floor café?

The 1st floor café is open from 8:00 to 17:00 (Last Order at 16:30).
Breakfast time in the café ends at 10:30.

Is there a curfew when the doors are locked?

There is a curfew at 23:00.

About the Surrounding Area

What are the directions from the train station?

When you get on the bus, tell the driver "Take me to Tsuchiya please."

Alternatively, you can walk from the station by turning onto Yanagi-dori (Yanagi Street) from Eki-dori (Station Street) and continue walking to the end of Yuno-sato Dori (Yuno-sato Dori) where you can find us on the left. We are located about 1 km from the station and 13 minutes on foot.

Is there a convenience store nearby?

In Kinosaki Onsen there are 2 FamilyMart convenience stores locations and one Lawson store at the back of town. The closest "FamilyMart Kinosaki Yushima" is about 500 meters or 6 minutes away on foot.

How far away is each bathhouse and what are the operating times?

Listed by distance
①Mandara-yu(About 70 m)/15:00〜23:00(Closed Wednesdays)
②Kouno-yu(About 200 m)/7:00〜23:00(Closed Tuesdays)
③Goshono-yu(About 300 m)/7:00〜23:00(Closed every 1st and 3rd Thursday)
④Ichino-yu(About 450 m)/7:00〜23:00(Closed Wednesdays)
⑤Yanagi-yu(About 550 m)/15:00〜23:00(Closed Thursdays)
⑥Jizo-yu(About 800 m)/7:00〜23:00(Closed Fridays)
⑦Satono-yu(About 1 km)/13:00〜21:00(Closed Mondays)

About Hotel Services

Where can I smoke?

We ask for your cooperation to keep UTSUROI a completely non-smoking environment. There is an ashtray set up next to the entrance of the main building.

Can I reserve meals with my room?

UTSUROI provides breakfast, but we do not have a dinner service.
Those who would like to reserve a room with dinner included should reserve a room in the main building.
Please be careful about this when making your reservation.

Please tell me about breakfast for guests.

Breakfast is available in the 1st floor café.
Please let us know at check in if you would like breakfast.

Is parking available?

There are 15 parking spaces which are reserved for staying guests.
※ For those using the café only, please use other nearby parking.

What should I do about my luggage?

We can store your luggage even after check out.
You may also send your luggage to the Hotel Information Center after check out (Fee of 200 Yen per item applies)

Can I borrow a yukata?

We provide both men and women yukatas in each room.
Colorful women's yukatas can also be lent out at no charge. (We do not rent out men's yukatas)

Do I need to book a reserved private bath in advance?

Reservations are not required. If the bath is not being used, you may enter at any time and lock the door for privacy.
You may also use the interior baths at "Tsuchiya Honkan". There are two baths available and there is no gender separation. Feel free to enter and lock the door and use for an unlimited duration.

Regarding Cancellations and Payment

How do I cancel?

Please follow the procedures on the website used to book. Thank you.

Is there a cancelation fee?

Cancelation fees apply from 7 days prior to the check in day

  • 7 days before: 20% of Accommodation Fee
  • 3 days before: 30% of Accommodation Fee
  • 1 day before: 50% of Accommodation Fee
  • Day of check in: 100% of Accommodation Fee

Thank you for your Cooperation

Can I use credit cards?

Credit cards may not be used.


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